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Based on observation, when it comes to mammals, it appears no specie has as many spotted creatures as wild cats. Plus wild cats seem to have more varying kinds of spots. The jaguar, leopard, and cheetah are the most familiar but even the lion and black panther can be spotted. In between the most familiar and the most unexpected spotted cats there are many others. Before we look at some lets address the confusion of the cheetah, jaguar, and leopard spots which can sometimes make it difficult to tell these wild cats apart.

The cheetah is the easiest to tell apart because its spots are simply round small black spots.

But when it comes to the leopard and jaguar it gets a little tricky because both have rosette shaped spots, that are closer to being the same size. But there is a very easy way to tell them apart. Don’t look at their spots.  Instead look for the other spot. Within the spots of leopards and jaguars is another pattern that is very different.  For the jaguar the spots within his spots is a more rounded solid shape of a true spot.   

Leopards have rosette spots too but they are filled in with yellowish brown coloring as the picture below indicates.


Cheetahs have solid, round black spots.  Leopards and jaguars both have more rosette shaped spots, but within the jaguar's spots there is another spot, and within the leopard's spots they are filled in with a tawny color. 

Now lets look at some other spotted wild cats.

Not all but some black panthers have spots.  The best way to see them is when a black panther is in sunlight. Across his back do you see his spots? 

                   Like panthers, not all, but some lions have spots.


A snow leopard has all kinds of spots.

The clouded leopard's spots are so distinctive one
 will likely never confuse them any other cat.


Clouded. Snow. African. Amur. Black. Randomly I can name five different kinds of leopards. It made me wonder just how many more kinds of leopards are there?  It turns out there are quite a few! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopard

                    An odd thing about a cheetah... 
This is a cheetah.  Take a look at the end of his tail.  No spots.

  All of the photographs I took for this blog were all taken at the Denver Zoo.  


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