August 31, 2017

   Animal Blogging with Dill the Cat 

Hello. All photography on Animal Blogging with Dill the Cat is the work of S. Mason.

The graphic art we obtain online. We will never forget the first comment on Dill's blog came from a viewer in India. Since then Dill's demographics tell us that our international audience is growing. As viewers from new countries visit Dill, we will
include their country on the list.

Welcome, indeed.
India, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Latvia, Australia, Malaysia, Ireland, Ukraine, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, France, Venezuela, Poland, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Thailand, Romania, Colombia, Georgia, Ghana, Morocco, Sweden, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Panama, Pakistan, South Africa, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, China, Brazil, Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Vietnam, Belarus, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Argentina,  Mexico, Switzerland, Singapore, Moldova, Mongolia, Bahamas, Norway, Taiwan, Portugal,  Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Luxembourg, Estonia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Guyana,  Peru, Bulgaria, Burundi, Iraq, Guernsey, Macau, Austria, Guatemala, Romania,
Saudi Arabia, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Greece, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Angola, Qatar, Ecuador, Honduras, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Maldives, Aruba, Chile, Bulgaria, Algeria, Turks & Caicos Islands, El Salvador, Malta, Hungary, Jamaica, Egypt, Mauritius, Aruba, Algeria, Barbados, Nepal, Cambodia,  Cyprus, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Czechia, Cambodia, and United Kingdom.

Art.  Music.  Laughter. Many good things in the world connect us.  Animals too, and perhaps especially animals. We want to believe that. To everyone, everywhere, including home, America, welcome and thank you for viewing Animal Blogging With Dill The Cat. 

Peace and health to all.  Animals and dreams never lie.  ^..^     
                    The Essence Of An Animal
A partial picture of an animal that conveys the complete animal is their essence. The majority of these pictures were taken at Denver Zoo. Take a look.

Engage. Enthuse. Educate. Entertain. Explore. 
Hello! At Animal Blogging With Dill The Cat we believe animals help connect people to each other. So wherever you are in the world, thank you for visiting Dill. And as people from around the world come to Dill, we too read about other places in relationship to animals. So with deep compassion we turn towards France and the crime against humanity in the butchery of Vince, an endangered white rhino. Under the Keyboard section on Dill, we have added our sympathy and a link to Vince's home zoo. Please visit it.
Given a brown or black bear can both have a mixture of both colors how does one tell the bears apart?  Rain...such a beautiful scent!  But why does rain smell sooooo good?  Can a fish really have lips?  For certain there is an animal pattern found in every specie.  Can you guess what it is?  All of these questions are answered on Dill, and much more. 
We are of the belief a worthy zoo is really a different kind of university because after visiting it is almost impossible not to come away with a greater awareness, if not an education from staff and volunteers about creatures we share the earth with. At Denver Zoo, a home to thousands of endangered animals, they are often a part of the awareness/learning programs.  Presently and until October 2017 Denver Zoo has a new educational exhibit that teaches people about very different kinds of animals, those who once were--dinosaurs. Check out The Ark further down this page.  Recently from the Moscow Zoo an Amur tiger was sent to Denver Zoo.  His habitat is The Edge, the new living quarters for tigers.  Under the section The Ark we have a photo-blog about The Edge, Denver Zoo's new tiger habitat titled The Edge--Are You Seeing What You Are Looking At?  Their new habitat is not about looking at tigers but experiencing them from the standpoint of meeting the tigers' needs for a well rounded environment. Be sure to check it out. 
Our up close encounter with okapis and a hippopotamus at Denver Zoo was such a profound, beautiful experience we came away with seeing Denver Zoo as another form of an ark. We wrote about that day and hope that you take a moment and read it - Our Best Day Ever At The Zoo--the link is on the top sidebar. It was our best day ever at the zoo but even more than that, humbly it changed our lives for the better. ENJOY!

                          The Universal Language-Music  

                                    BROWN OR BLACK? 

It is not as easy as it seems, to identify a brown or black bear by their colors when both kind of bears can be other colors including a mixture of brown and black. But we will make it easy.  Promise.  Just scroll down to The Ark.


                                          RANDOM DAYS

Everywhere I go I take my camera and take pictures where I find them. I'd like to share some of my random day pictures with you. 

                               A parking space for expecting mothers.

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