December 2, 2017


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                   Reconsider not using a natural tree
The benefits of using a manmade Christmas tree avoids the tree pan used for water that likely has pesticides and preservative, in essence poisonous water furry family member might drink.  The dry needles that fall off the tree can become sharp pins to paws, and furry family members have been known to eats garland or bite ornaments that can harm them.    
              Poinsettia, holly, and mistletoe

Poinsettia, holly, and mistletoe are all beautiful holiday plants but there are good reasons to not have them in your home if you live with animals...from an expert--

                             A TREE WITH CURLS
We came upon this tree at Denver Botanic Gardens.  Not only do the branches have curls but so do the leaves!   

There are few straight lined paths at the Denver Botanic Gardens, combined with frequent winding paths often not seeing what awaits until one follows the pathway, and so it was at a distance we saw a rooftop that beckoned us to seek it out. When we reached our mysterious destination, it had an amazing story to tell, it felt magical, and there was a reason why.
            It was a beautiful enchanting Solarium made of iron and glass...
The ceiling has two glass and iron chandeliers, and iron fan between them, and along the panels of the solarium walls and roof are ropes of tiny white lights.
But it was more than that for there are only four more identical to it in the world...   
and this is the sign just outside the doors that tells its amazing story...

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