On Animal Blogging With Dill The Cat we visit zoos around the country. Last year we visited and blogged about the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, and the year before that it was the Dallas Zoo in Texas.  This year we traveled to Indiana to visit the Indianapolis Zoo. As always, we started out early in the morning before the heat of the day.  This was the first zoo we visited that had a roller coaster. Their map was easy to follow, the habitats were spacious and clean, and the zoo also has a collection of aquariums including an impressive viewing dome room in their ocean area. The Indianapolis Zoo has a variety of reptiles (especially snakes), birds, mammals,  sea life, and a most attractive butterfly habitat.  When one takes into account the zoo, including aquariums, the butterfly and botanic gardens, all on the same grounds, the ticket price is very reasonable. The grounds are flat which makes it easier to walk.  For us, visiting Indianapolis Zoo was the first experience to see walruses which was pretty exciting. Dr. Rob Shumaker, Supervising VP of Conservation, Science and Education, Indianapolis Zoo heads the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center that is the home to one of the largest groups orangutans in America.  The purpose and design of the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center is unforgettable.  From the Indianapolis Zoo website it reads...

It serves as a vital education, research and conservation center where dedicated staff and members of the community can work together to create a positive future for critically endangered orangutans in the wild. It brings new hope to a species on the verge of extinction.

We met Jenny, a volunteer, at the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center. While speaking to Jenny we told her about the staff at the Denver Zoo, and how she reminded us of them. Jenny was engaging, informative, and had a wealth of information readily open to share. Jenny made our experience richer. So thank you Jenny! The following are some photographs from our memorable visit.

To get a size perspective of the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center, the visitors are looking into the front of just part of the orangutan's habitat. 

I took this photograph inside the building, three stories up from the view outside. The orangutans like their Linus blankets as this one was walking around covered underneath his. Although three stories high there are platforms within their compound they can climb those levels and be face to face with people. Their ropes are fire hoses.  Also in their compound they have a room they can to go when an orangutan want some 'alone time'.

            Using touch screens the orangutans use computers to learn.

I took this photograph of Nicki at the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center.
                               Several feet tall this is a king penguin.

              Sometimes called the rosy boa or the rainbow boa.

             You do not have to guess who lives inside of this building.

Through the front doors one enters a  round room with a dome ceiling. It is beautiful enough to perform a wedding there.

 Right time & place, a monarch & the biggest bee I have ever seen.          

Also on the sidebar is a funny picture of people starring in disbelief as a raccoon was walking around.  A few thought the raccoon escaped from his habitat. On Dill's Blue Page are some photographs also taken from our trip. But for me the best picture I enjoy taking is of animal I did not have in my collection--until now--a walrus!

P.S. Thank you Jenny for your words and gracious spirit! We would love to return one day.  If we lived in Indianapolis, absolutely we would have a membership to the Indianapolis Zoo. And to the entire staff, thank you for your welcoming spirit! The Indianapolis Zoo visit started a new tradition on Dill.  We will start keeping our zoo traveling blogs, for more permanency, on the sidebar.

                                  DILL'S VISIT TO THE INDIANAPOLIS ZOO

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your account of your visit to The Indianapolis Zoo. Hope you return, especially to see the orangutans!

--Jenny, the volunteer