Museums Are Virtual Libraries

Museums are virtual libraries. There isn't another place where so many things that truly are beyond the scope of expectations of ever witnessing in a lifetime exist. Museums are also virtual because it is not about 'looking' but rather experiencing. When the current Denver Museum of Nature and Science (located in City Park) was built it was structured around the prior museum before it.  Thus inside the museum today is the intact older DMNS museum.  The above picture was taken inside the entrance of the museum, and what is now a wall was once the exterior building of the original museum. Of the many windows, the glass was removed and replaced with art. We also appreciate that the museum has an energy, a vibe of its own, and a sense of humor. There are elves and gnomes hidden throughout the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for you to find.    
As members of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science one of the many benefits is being the first to see new exhibits. Creatures Of The Light was beautiful and inspiring. There was so much to discover, to become aware of until one can almost feel like a stranger in the world we live in.  Included in the exhibit was a live desert hairy scorpion that lives the Arizona desert.  Mimicking his nighttime environment, he actually glows.  We also learned about a tiny plankton called dinoflagellates, about the size of a pinhead, and they gather together in the millions. They moves with things in their environment  such as waves created by boats, and during the dark hours of nights their presence light up the water so blue it looks electric. Should Creatures Of The Light come to your area make it a point to see it!                                                 

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